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    Timetable for reverse share split in Nelly Group

    2020-12-16 15:05 - Regulatory press release

    Press release 16 December 2020

    The extraordinary general meeting held on 16 December 2020 in Nelly Group AB (publ) ("Nelly Group") resolved on a reverse share split (ordinary shares as well as Class C shares), whereby ten existing shares are consolidated into one (1) new share (1:10). The extraordinary general meeting also resolved to authorise the Board to determine the record date for the reverse share split. Today, the Board has, based on the authorisation, determined that the record date for the reverse share split shall be 29 December 2020.

    Timetable for the reverse share split:

    23 December 2020 Last day of trading in Nelly Group's shares before the reverse share split.

    28 December 2020 First day of trading in Nelly Group's shares after the reverse share split. The share price will from and including this day reflect the effect of the reverse share split.

    29 December 2020 Record date for the reverse share split.

    Shareholders do not have to take any actions to take part in the reverse share split.

    If a shareholder's holding of a share of a certain class does not correspond to a full number of new shares of the same class, excess shares will be transferred to the company's ownership on the record day for the reverse share split. Excess shares will thereafter be sold, at the company's expense, by Hagberg & Aneborn Fondkommission AB, whereby affected shareholders will receive their share of the sales proceeds.

    As a consequence of the reverse share split, Nelly Group's shares will change ISIN-codes. From and including 28 December 2020, the ordinary share will be traded with the new ISIN-code SE0015245535. The new ISIN-code for the Class C share is SE0015245543.

    After the reverse share split, the number of shares in the company will decrease from 184,949,730 to 18,494,973. Each share will have a quota value of SEK 10.00 after the reverse share split.

    For more information, please contact:
    Niclas Lilja, Investor Relations
    +46 736 511 363

    About Nelly Group
    Nelly is one of the Nordic region's strongest fashion brands for young women. The core is the own brand in combination with digital sales directly to our target group. Nelly has created a strong commitment through a distinct sense for fashion and digital marketing. The company has 2.1 million customers and sales of SEK 1.4 billion per year. Nelly Group was previously called Qliro Group. Nelly Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the mid-cap segment with the short name "NELLY".