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    Nomination Committee ahead of Qliro Group’s 2017 Annual General Meeting

    2016-09-29 11:00
    In accordance with the resolution of the 2016 Annual General Meeting, the Chairman of the Qliro Group Board of Directors has convened a Nomination Committee to prepare proposals to the 2017 Annual General Meeting.

    The Nomination Committee comprises Lars-Johan Jarnheimer as Chairman of the Board of Qliro Group, Cristina Stenbeck representing Kinnevik AB, Christoffer Häggblom representing Rite Ventures, and Tomas Meerits representing Lancelot Asset Management.

    The shareholder representatives on the Nomination Committee have been appointed by shareholders jointly representing approximately 34 percent of the votes in Qliro Group. The members of the Nomination Committee will appoint a Committee Chairman at their first meeting.

    Information about the work of the Nomination Committee can be found on Qliro Group’s corporate website at Shareholders wishing to propose candidates for election to the Qliro Group Board of Directors should submit their proposals in writing to or to Qliro Group AB (publ), attn: Company Secretary, P.O. Box 195 25, SE-104 32 Stockholm, Sweden.