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    Information brochure before the proposed distribution of CDON AB

    2020-10-05 18:00

    Press release, Stockholm, 5 October 2020

    The board of directors of Qliro Group has proposed that an Extraordinary General Meeting on 26 October 2020, resolves on a distribution of all shares in CDON AB to Qliro Group's shareholders. Today, an information brochure is published regarding the proposed distribution. The distribution of, and the first day for trading in, the shares in CDON AB is expected to take place in November.

    The information brochure contains information on CDON AB, the remaining group that focuses on Nelly, the proposed distribution and the subsequent listing of CDON AB on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

    The brochure is available at:

    Provided that the Extraordinary General Meeting resolves to distribute CDON AB, a company description regarding CDON AB will be published after it has been approved by Nasdaq and in connection with the first day of trading.

    For more information
    Niclas Lilja, Investor Relations
    +46 736 511 363

    About Qliro Group
    Qliro Group operates the online fashion brand and the leading Nordic marketplace CDON. At the end of September, Qliro AB was distributed to Qliro Group's shareholders. The plan is to also distribute CDON AB to Qliro Group's shareholders. Thereafter, Qliro Group will change its name to Nelly Group to reflect its focus on Nelly. Qliro Group’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid-Cap segment under the ticker symbol QLRO.