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    Change in Nelly’s management

    2019-10-15 13:30 - Regulatory press release
    Anna Ullman Sersé has today announced her intention to leave the position as CEO of Nelly. Marcus Lindqvist, CEO of Qliro Group, will take a more active role in the company to complement the existing management team as working Chairman of the Board. Anna has worked with Nelly for the past three years and helped the company strengthen its organization and brand on the Nordic fashion market.

    “I have worked within Qliro Group and with Nelly for almost three years, the last one and a half years as CEO. During this period, I have defined a strategy and recruited a strong management team. Nelly is a fantastic company, but the implementation of the strategy requires more presence in Borås and Falkenberg than I feel I can handle with regard to my family. That is why I have today chosen to resign”, says Anna Ullman Sersé, outgoing CEO of Nelly.

    “Anna Ullman Sersé has been a driving force in strengthening Nelly's organization and brand in fashion. I want to thank her for her efforts now that she leaves the group. One of her contributions is that she has strengthened the management team and I look forward to work with the team as I will be more involved in Nelly's daily operations with continued focus on profitable growth”, says Marcus Lindqvist.

    To ensure continuity, handover is initiated to Marcus Lindqvist as well as a recruitment process of a permanent CEO.

    Anna Ullman Sersé started working with Nelly in 2016 as Head of Business Development for Qliro Group. During her time with Qliro Group she worked with strategy development for all subsidiaries. She was appointed interim CEO of Nelly in April 2018, and shortly thereafter CEO.