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    CDON Group launches, an online store for endurance athletes

    2013-04-15 13:15
    CDON Group AB, the leading e-commerce group in the Nordic region, today announced the beta-launch of, an online store for endurance athletes. The launch is a part of CDON Group's focus, to further develop the successful Sports & Health segment, which will now consist of three internet retailers – Gymgrossisten, Bodystore and Milebreaker. is an online store that offers endurance athletes, who focus on cycling, running, skiing, triathlon, adventure racing, orienteering, swimming or other endurance sports the tools needed to optimize and fuel their performance. is run by sports enthusiasts and avid practitioners, in close collaboration with leading suppliers, elite athletes and leading bloggers in the field. At customers will find everything from work-out apparel and accessories to dietary supplements from popular brands such as Vitargo, Enervit, Star Nutrition, Powerbar, Optimum Nutrition, Isostar and others. In addition, they will get tips and advice on exercise and nutrition – all to help them achieve the best results.

    Paul Fischbein, President and CEO of CDON Group, commented: “We are experiencing strong growth in the Group's Sports & Health segment, which is one of the Group's prioritised growth areas. The launch of allows us to further capitalise on the group's existing knowledge, infrastructure and leading market position to reach new customers, truly demonstrating the scalability of our business model.”

    Therese Hillman, President of CDON Group’s Business Segment Sports & Health, commented: ”In the 2000’s, the number of practitioners in endurance sports has increased exponentially in Sweden, yet there has not been any major sites to supply the dietary supplements appropriate for these athletes. Today we are launching an early version of our new online store where we are, already in the development stage, involving customers to create the feeling and range that they demand.  Our ambition is to offer the largest range of world-leading dietary supplements products, designed and developed especially for endurance athletes, as a complement to our other stores that caters to those who train in gyms, and, for those with a keen interest in nutrition and health.” is beta-launched in Sweden on April 15 at A full scale version is expected to be launched within the quarter.