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    Ola Wahlström

    Ola Wahlström took office as interim CFO of Nelly Group in November 2022. He previously held a position at Stampen Media as COO with responsibility for business development, sales (B2C/B2B) for the group and PnL responsibility for, among other things, Göteborgsposten. Ola Wahlström has long and broad experience from the retail trade and its digitization, where he held both roles as CFO at MQ Holding AB (listed) and other leading positions at Lindex. His solid experience of major transformations in market, finance and e-commerce is built from a mix of line positions as well as from his consulting background at Accenture and EY.

    Ola is a civil engineer from LiTH.

    Shareholding (including the holdings of related parties): 0 shares.