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The Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee’s tasks include:

  • To evaluate the Board of Directors’ work and composition
  • To submit proposals to the Annual General Meeting regarding the election of Board Directors and the Chairman of the Board
  • To prepare proposals regarding the election of Auditors in cooperation with the Audit Committee (when appropriate)
  • To prepare proposals regarding the fees to be paid to Board Directors and to the Company’s Auditors
  • To prepare proposals for the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting
  • To prepare proposals for the administration and order of appointment of the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting.

Nomination Committee ahead of the AGM 2021

In accordance with the procedure of the Nomination Committee adopted at the Annual General Meeting 2018, a Nomination Committee consisting of members appointed by the largest shareholders of Nelly Group that wished to appoint a member has been convened. The Nomination Committee consists of Christoffer Häggblom, appointed by Rite Ventures, Alexander Antas, appointed by Mandatum and Martin Jonsson, appointed by Catella Fonder. At the Nomination Committee’s first meeting, Christoffer Häggblom was appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee by the members of the Nomination Committee, which constitutes a deviation from the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. The other members of the Nomination Committee have explained the appointment as being in the company’s and its shareholders’ best interests and a natural consequence of Christoffer Häggblom representing the company’s largest shareholder.

Shareholders who wish to make proposals regarding members for Nelly Group’s board of directors may submit written proposals to or to Nelly Group AB (publ), attn: Company Secretary, Box 690, 601 13, Borås, Sweden.